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Mary Jo, 51

I have been smoke-free for 16 years and have had about 4-5 quit attempts. Because I traveled so much for my job in pharmaceutical sales, it sometimes was hard to find a place to smoke getting on and off planes. So, I decided to quit and have been successful since then. Daily use: 1 pack [...]

Charles, 65

I have been smoke-free for 9 years and have made 2 quit attempts. The sudden death of my sister really prompted me to quit. I feel that I can make it through the day today, I can make it tomorrow. I know how stressful life can be, and think that is why people smoke. But, [...]

David, 44

I have been smoke-free for a year and have had many quit attempts. I smoked for about 12 years and had many changes in my life. I felt like I needed the cigarettes to handle the stress. I had my lungs checked and the results scared me. So, my goal was to get them looking [...]

Irene, 57

I have been smoke-free for years. I started smoking at age 12 and smoked for 1 years. I wanted to quit smoking for my health and for the health of others around me. Recently, I had a test for my lung capacity, and the results could have been better if I had not smoked so [...]

Mary, 62

I have been smoke-free for 2 years. I had smoked for 25 years. I really decided to stop smoking for my daughter and husband because I wanted to enjoy life again. I think that in order to quit, you have to just stick with it. Sometimes I had good days and sometimes bad days. I [...]