• We know not all smokers litter, but cigarette butts and cigar tips are the most frequently littered item in America. We’re asking everyone to take pride in where they live, work, and play. Cigarette butts are discarded on roads, sidewalks and other areas where the toxic chemicals they contain—arsenic, cadmium, nicotine, barium, chromium, copper and more—leach into the environment.
  • Cigarette toxins harm more than lungs.
    Sure, cigarette butts are ugly, especially when they’re laying around bus stops, storm drains, parks and beaches. But that’s just the start of the problem.
  • Cigarette filters aren’t biodegradable. Tobacco filters are made from a plastic material (cellulose acetate) that, like a plastic bag, is slow to biodegrade – or doesn’t degrade at all.
  • Tobacco litter harms animals. Both marine and land wildlife, as well as pets, frequently mistake cigarette butts for food and ingest them.
  • Cigarette litter harms our waterways. Cigarette litter is carried by storm runoff into streams and rivers that feed the Chesapeake Bay. The chemicals leach into the water and is lethal to plankton and small fish that feed larger aquatic animals like rockfish, oysters and crabs.
  • Carelessly discarded cigarette butts start fires that damage property and consume precious resources to extinguish.
  • Tobacco waste is costly to clean up, putting an extra financial burden on taxpayers, cities and businesses.
  • Help protect our planet from the harmful effects of tobacco.
    Another good reason to quit smoking or to not start at all.
How To Get involved

Tobacco litter is an issue that deserves increased awareness to promote healthy and safe communities. Please use the following tools to help you plan your own Tobacco Litter Awareness campaign.

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