Caroline County

Caroline County Department of Health – Tobacco Cessation Program

Contacts: Heather Grove, RN, BSN
Phone Number: 410-479-8080
Fax Number: 410-479-2014
Address: 403 S. 7th Street Denton, MD 21629 – Wellness Room #268Individual Counseling: Series of 6 lessons in person and follow up contact for maintenance. Offered selected dates and times. Please call 410-479-8080 to learn more.

Work Site Cessation Classes: On an as needed basis – please call for more information


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*Program, including nicotine replacement products is provided to those that live or work (full time) in Caroline County at no cost to the client.

* Doctors note is required for nicotine replacement therapy (patches, gum, lozenges). Fax approval to 410-479-2014.