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Participant quits smoking while pregnant with the help of the Maryland Tobacco Quitline and Maryland Medicaid. It’s going to be hard at first, but I feel like my baby will be a lot healthier, a lot stronger. Daily Use: 10 cigarettes a day Duration: 21 years

See Stephen’s Success Story
Stephen smoked since the age of 13. With caring support and nicotine patches provided by the Maryland Tobacco Quitline, he was finally able to quit. Daily Use: a pack a day Duration: 46 years

See Michael’s Success Story
Michael shares his journey in the process to quit smoking and describes the help he received from the Maryland Tobacco Quitline. He is working to continue to be tobacco-free. Daily Use: 10 cigarettes a day Duration: 40 years

Video Montage
Participants Samantha, Michael and Stephen share how the Maryland Tobacco Quitline made it possible for each of them to walk away from their cigarette addiction.

See Renee’s Success Story
The coaches knew exactly what I was going through as a smoker.
Daily Use: 10-14 cigarettes a day Duration: 32 years

See Robin’s Success Story
When you are ready contact the Quitline, start a new chapter in your life.
Daily Use: over a pack per day Duration: 25 years

See Jeffery’s Success Story
I made a choice to stop smoking, could not have done it without Quitline.
Daily Use: 1 pack per day Duration: 15 years

See Sheilah’s Success Story
The Quitline will stick with you until you are free of tobacco.
Duration: 41 years

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